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November 15, 2006 • Shopping

By Andra Naylor for Second City Style

I can get downright emotional about fashion if you let me.

There are items I’ve added to my wardrobe over the years that remain dear to my heart
— they remind me of a milestone, a turning point, a first date, a new
job. I believe some pieces truly have the ability to transform a
person: they give you a momentary high, a raised self-esteem and a
spark of optimism.

Below, I pay respect to four of the best staples a woman can own.

Good jeans
Have you ever pulled on a pair of jeans, turned to look in the mirror, and thought damn, I look good? Jeans
have the uncanny ability to make a big butt look small, enable short
legs to rival a model’s, and can be worn a ridiculous number of times
while still looking good.

There have been a lot of great jeans wearers out there – Cameron
Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Bosworth – those fashionistas that have
mastered the high-low look and understand the versatility of denim.

The first pair of premium denim I bought was a pair of A-pocket
Seven for all Mankind jeans. I remember trying them on in the dressing
room at Bloomingdales, amazed at my transformation. Definitely worth
the money: I remember the party I went to that night, I remember the
compliments and I remember how happy I was. And I ask, how can that be
a bad thing?

Since then, I’ve had my share of Blue Cults, Rock & Republics
and Citizens, but nothing has compared to that first pair. They
signaled I was living on my own, making my own money and proud to buy a
pair of jeans that made me feel like a million bucks. Read More

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