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November 15, 2006 • Fashion

This was posted by Style Tribe Some time back, but deserves repeating. Especially since this is a hot button of mine…I will jump up and down about this until my work is done. LD

Americans are obsessed with the idea of comfort,
failing to realize that it should mean "at ease" instead of "sloppy".
We forgive all manner of sartorial sins in the name of comfort. Ugg
boots. Ponchos. Sneakers.

Yes, sneakers. With the exception of
Chuck Taylors, sneakers are an athletic accessory and should only be
worn while doing sports. Walking, driving and grocery shopping are not

Lauren Davis set it straight in Harper’s Bazaar:

    I don’’t think anyone should wear sneakers. I was once told that the only people who run are children and thieves.

via fashionweekdaily

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