It’s in the Details. Stylish Scarves – Cold Weather Style Unwrapped. Second City Style Fashion Blog

November 16, 2006 • Fashion

By Joanne Molina of Second City Style Magazine

We see it riding solo on buses and many a cab driver will receive it as a complimentary gift from October through March: the winter scarf.
Unlike its cousin the silk scarf (particularly classics from Hermès and
Givenchy), this other descendant of the Croatian cravat is usually
downplayed from the moment our mother insists upon making it the final
part of our childhood ritual of cold-weather mummification. (Although
one might imagine if we would have the same internal resistance if she
insisted on placed an Hermès silk scarf around our necks instead of
what seemed to be a dense wool blanket). But in the spirit of tacking
this Freudian fashion fait accompli, lets work through the inner trauma
and embrace a new view: A seamless integration of practical and posh you won’t leave behind. Shopping Details

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