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November 16, 2006 • Magazine


Style Bites contributor Miss_SR writes:

week I was in Montreal for the city’s first day of snow. A few days
later, I suffered the same miserable fate in my hometown. Snow in
October? This was obviously a sign: it was time to bring out the boots
(the winter kind). For myself, this was not a cause for celebration. On
average, I find a pair of boots that I truly love on the average of one
per two years, starting with my grunge combat boots from Wet Seal circa
1999 and, most recently, those fur boots that were in style two years
and I still shamelessly wear around my slow-to-pick-up-trends city.
Everyone I talk to insists that this is the best time to buy boots,
with a variety of styles showcased behind almost every shop window,
from six-inch Chloe platform booties to pink imitation Uggs. But with
an attractive, good quality pair costing between $150-300, I believe I
hold the right to be picky. So, to re-examine my choices and help you
with your own winter boot woes, I have organized our options below.

Thigh-high boots:


that these boots extend over two-thirds of your leg, your legs are
virtually guaranteed to stay warm. Personally, I find these boots
difficult to pull off (no pun intended). When worn solely with a skirt,
I feel as if I look like a stripper and, when worn over pants, I feel
like I’m going fly-fishing. However, if you are confident enough to
pull off this look, these inhibitions can be solved. Worn with a
sweater-dress and thick, colorful tights, thigh-highs can look bold and
tasteful. And if you’ve got a great pair of legs, a great pair of
boots, and a great party to go to, you can take a from Victoria Beckham
and dare to bare. The most practical option, however, probably remains
wearing boots over a pair of tight jeans, a look favored by Jessica
Simpson who has been spotted dressing in her black suede Azzedina Alaia boots dining out in London or shopping in New York.  This pair from Sigerson Morrison from is a nice compromise which you can wear thigh-high or slouched down.

Knee-high boots:


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