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November 28, 2006 • Beauty

I recently had the opportunity to sample all three of the fragrances in this luscious line of eau de parfum. I have to say, there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch. In fact, I might be hard pressed to limit myself to just one. You don’t have to.


IF is pure elegance. With citrus top notes and bouquets of exotic flowers and Pacific musk underneath…this sent is light and clean.


VELVET ROPE may remind you of a vanilla martini spiked with jasmin and a twist of grapefruit. It smells better than any club. (Actually, this one I think is my favorite).

L in this case stands for love. As in I love this floral and earthy musk combination. Totally knock-out drag-down FEMININE.

The bottles pictured are $75 for 50ml, but fret not, they are also available in a 15ml size for $30 or test all three by purchasing the $5/each samples. There are also candles, body washes and body lotions available at Ron Robinson, Inc.

– Lauren Dimet

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