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November 30, 2006 • Fashion

Everyone loves a look for less, right? Sometimes through my endless searching I come across something that looks vaguely familiar. Good thing I was always good at the game Association. When one item costs significantly less than the other and there isn’t much of a style difference…I get giddy!


Burning Torch Milky Way Grey Top. $220 Burning Torch


Salt & Pepper Quilted Knit Blouse. Granted, it’s not silk but for $38, who cares? Style Violet

Or if you prefer silk…


How about the same style in this dress? Collective Clothing Silk Henley Dress for $68 is a knock-out for next to nothing! Style Violet

Wait! There’s more! (Sounds like a Ginsu Knife commercial). Order before 12/22 and use the code FIRSTHOLIDAY06 and receive 20% of your first order.

– Lauren Dimet

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