‘Tis the Season for Shopping – Finding that Holiday Deal

December 3, 2006 • Magazine

‘Tis the Season for Shopping - Finding that Holiday Deal

‘Tis the Season for Shopping - Finding that Holiday Deal

Sun, 2006-12-03 13:00

Rachel Yeomans

The first of December has passed, and the holiday season is upon us! The Macy’s windows and tree are flourishing with holiday garland and cheer, the first snow just fell, the shopping mayhem of black Friday past, and the invitations have gone out for the first round of the upcoming soiree of holiday parties. Yet between work functions and personal events, the difficult decision is not how to fit them all in to your schedule; it’s how to fit the perfect outfit to each event! And even more difficult is how to stop yourself from dipping into your gift shopping fund to purchase that perfect outfit.

Have no fear — you won’t be deemed a grinch for picking up a thing or two for yourself this holiday season. But first, consult your wardrobe. Chances are you have a couple outfits hiding in there that could easily be thrown together to pack a seasonal punch. Look for that little black dress, the sparkle cardigans, and those red accessories that you store up just for this one month. Lay them all out on your bed and you might be surprised the number of ways you can use each piece to make a completely new, and yet completely seasonal, look. Then consult the date book. How many parties are you going to and more importantly, what types of events are they? There is a big difference between a social gathering held by a friend or neighbor, and a work function.

Now after you’ve reviewed your previously-owned items, maybe you’ve realized that all you might need to purchase are various accessories to take one dress from one event to another. Perhaps you might only need a shawl, a blazer, a shrug, a new strand of pearls or a new clutch or pair of heels. For example, you already have those nice black skinny pants with your strappy heels, and all you need is a top. Pair them with this nice piece from Banana Republic for a festive look.

Other work function looks could include the dressy pant suit or the ever so classic little black dress. Now remember, this is also a function where your colleagues and boss will be standing in the same room. You might want to stand out with that fabulous new tube sparkle dress you just purchased, but my advice is save that for another gathering. Keep it simple, keep it classic, and make sure whatever you wear is not too short, not too low-cut, and not too much of anything that will raise your boss’s eyebrow or cause a plethora of whispers the following work day. If you want to make a statement, make it with a festive clutch or a piece of costume jewelry such as a multi-strand pearl necklace. On the other hand, if your closet sticks to the afternoon meeting business suit, you might want to make the trek to your local department store. If you don’t have any suitable attire for a work function, some more cost-friendly designers to look for include Jones New York, David Meister, Anne Klein and Tahari.

Now for the social function. When it comes to your friends, there really aren’t many rules to break on the occasion, so have some fun with the outfit! Of course, you know the styles and attitudes of the crowd and venue, so make sure you stick within the trend of the affair. However remember as well, these are your friends so splurging on that $1000 gown might not impress them but merely draw cash from your accounts. So find something fun and fit for the occasion, but there is no need to break the bank. A good place to shop for holiday ware is at a department store, which features a good range of items and price points, not to mention a decent sales section. Macy’s for example, is having a holiday dress sale just for the season, and Blooomingdale’s and Nordstrom’s are currently offering free shipping if items purchased go over a certain price, which is convenient for you online shoppers out there.

And remember those department store credit cards give you points that might just turn into a gift certificate — now that is a nice gift.

Finds on a Dime

Shiny Jersey Drape Top
Banana Republic: $78

Tahari by Arthur S. Levine Velvet Pantsuit
Nordstrom’s: $198

Laundry by Shelli Segal Matte Jersey Dress
Nordstrom’s: $205

Simulated Pearl Bow & Brooch Necklace
Banana Republic: $88

Vera Wang Lavender Label Brocade Bubble Dress
Neiman Marcus: Original Price — $530 / Sale Price — $371

Anne Klein Georgette Halter Dress

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