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December 4, 2006 • Magazine

According to the company website, Topshop sells on average 30 pairs of knickers a minute, 6,000 pairs of jeans a day and 35,000 pairs of shoes a week. The fashion destination of Brits High Street has become an iconic, edgy, affordbale smashin success.

Less than a decade ago, the 42-year-old chain was more commonly known as Topflop. Topshop brand director Jane Shepherdson, has transformed the brand into a retail powerhouse. With 290 stores in
the United Kingdom and Ireland, Topshop rang up nearly $200 million in
profit last year on sales of roughly $1 billion.

Here are some of our picks:


Coat: $350                             Dress: $60


Sweater: $100                     Dress: $110      


Shoes: $175                        Shoes: $130

All available at Topshop.

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