Day 9: The 12 Days of Christmas (Shopping). Picks By Designer Spotlight’s Ann John.

December 7, 2006 • Magazine

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December 7, 2006

Second City Style’s 12 Days Of Christmas (Shopping). Picks By Designer Spotlight’s Ann John.

For a girl whose budget is tighter than the most outrageous pair of skinny jeans, these holiday lust lists should be a piece of cake, right? When haven’t I walked down a stretch of boutiques coveting this top or that dress? But when one gets down to the business of choosing a handful of must have items, the dazzling array of choices can be positively mystifying. That’s not to say however that I didn’t have fun perusing through items that would cost me more than my monthly rent payment, and for a nice span of time pretend that those items will indeed be part of my wardrobe very very soon.

Laila Azhar Black Dress with Suspenders
$369 Active Endeavors Pair this dress with a comfy turtleneck and a warm pair of tights and I’m ready to deal with winter.

Loeffler Randall Matilde Flat Boot
$678 Shopbop You may have seen these boots before on the site, but since Andra discovered them for one of her articles, I can’t help but constantly think how well they’d spruce up an otherwise all black winter ensemble.

C Label Foxie Gold
$110 Active Endeavors Since winter always makes me look ahead to spring, I might as well look forward to these cute striped flats as well. As an added bonus, it’s more than 50% off the original at

Mike & Chris Logan Zip-Up Hoodie
$175 Girlshop Since this girl does spend a rather decent amount of time hanging with the guys, why not do it in stylish comfort with this Mike and Chris hoodie. Who thought a sweatshirt could look this good?

Lauren Merkin Large Plum Tote
$575 Girlshop To inject a dose of practicality in an otherwise fantastical list, this large plum tote is ideal for lugging my office, a.k.a. laptop, around with me wherever I may decide to plop down for some work.

Lauren Merkin Louise Patent Clutch
$200 Bergdorf Goodman Going out though is a different matter, and for that this chic little clutch will do the trick. With its color, it makes up for any and all the sassiness that I may not possess.

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Day 9: The 12 Days of Christmas (Shopping). Picks By Designer Spotlight's Ann John.
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