Million Dollar Hair and the $5 Brow Wax: Saving Women One Brow at a Time

December 10, 2006 • Magazine

Million Dollar Hair and the $5 Brow Wax: Saving Women One Brow at a Time

Million Dollar Hair and the $5 Brow Wax: Saving Women One Brow at a Time

Sun, 2006-12-10 13:00

Natayle Henry

It’s no surprise that many women will shell out $200 or more for a fantastic hairstyle, but some of those same women will skimp on their eyebrows. This anomaly posed a rather interesting question. Why? Why would someone spend a plethora of money on their hair but not on their face? The arch of the brow is just as important (if not more) as the style of the hair. Just as the wrong cut or color can affect your appearance, a poor brow wax can do the same. A bad brow wax can do more than ruin the esthetics of the face, but can cause infections if done incorrectly or by using unsanitary tools. I have enlisted the help of celebrity make up artist and brow specialist, Mequilla Ferrar, at the prestigious Van Michael Salon in Atlanta, Georgia to help abate the myths of an inexpensive wax and reinforce the need to follow the same guidelines you do for a haircut or procedure.

It is said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul, and by not having the appropriate arch for your face it is easy to detract from your looks. Stars like Audrey Hepburn, Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry and Katherine Zeta-Jones were/are known not only for their talent, but for their impeccable brows. This is due to their need to be as flawless as possible, but it does come at a price.

“One of the reasons celebs pay so much money for their brows ($100-$1000) is because it can make or break their face.� says Ferrar. “The entire balance of your face can be thrown off by a bad brow wax.�

By following these sound tips you can ensure that you’re one step closer to a better you.

DO YOUR RESEARCH! As with any other service or procedure that you may have, do the same for your brow wax. Ask women with great brows where they get theirs done or visit the salon prior to making an appointment. Have the specialist give you a consultation; this will give you a good idea as to what you can expect from the service. “Remember, this is your face; people look at it everyday.�

ASK QUESTIONS! Often times establishments like nail salons not specializing in make up or brow contouring will ask after your service if you would like a brow wax. Ask if they are licensed to do waxing. If so, then ask to see the tools that they will be using. If they are in fact using a roll on of any sort, kindly decline their offer. The same roll on that is used on other’s faces will be used on yours. If someone has a sore or infection, this can now be given to you. Furthermore, that roll on can also have been used on someone’s toes, ears or even private areas.

Some may use the roll on container and take the top off to appear to be more sanitary, however, that may be a false sense of security. A stick is used to apply the wax to the skin, but the same stick is dipped back into the container. This poses the same problem as using the roll-on applicator. The most sanitary technique would be to have several sticks/applicators that are dipped into the wax only one time each. This will ensure that that both the stick/applicator and the wax have not come in contact with anyone else’s skin. Tweezers used after the wax should have been soaked in antiseptic and returned after each use.

Secondly, you want someone that can contour your brows for your face, not shape them the way they shape everyone else’s. Taking off too much hair or shaping them incorrectly can prove to be disastrous. According to Mequilla, taking hair out too far from the inner corner of the eye can create the illusion of the nose looking wider and making them too short can make the eyes look smaller.

If in fact you have experienced a botched brow wax and are in need of your hair to grow quickly, don’t fret. Applying Rogaine or castor oil using a Q-tip, will help facilitate hair growth. In order to maintain your shape between waxes, tweeze your brows with a stainless steel tweezer like Tweezerman tweezers or Rubis tweezers. Try not to tweeze on top of the brows as it can give the appearance of patches or bald spots.

For those that can’t or don’t want to use the pricier brow wax service, tweeze them at home. Many companies and brow experts, like Anastasia Soare, have come out with stencil kits that will even give a Halle a run for her money. Try Anastasia’s brow kit which provides you with the proper tools for you to follow her simple four step technique to perfect brows.

Whether you go to a professional or do them yourself, you can be certain that you are attaining the brows that you desire without the possibility of infection or overdone brows.

Tweezerman Tweezers $20

Rubis Tweezers $32

Anastasia Brow Kit $65-$85 5-Piece Kit 7-Piece Kit

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