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December 12, 2006 • Accessories


By Jacqueline Zenn for Second City Style Magazine

We all have our go-to jewelry: simple silver hoops, pearl or diamond
studs, and a few delicate, understated necklaces, but that can get a
little old, especially around the holidays when it seems that
everything is just a little more glittery. When your basics get boring
it’s time to take a page out of every Hollywood starlet’s book and rock
a piece of jewelry so bold it requires its own entourage. This is when
it’s time for some serious sparkle; however, statement jewels can be
tough to pull off, but there are a few style rules that will ensure
that you’re wearing the bling, and not the other way around.

Rule number one: keep it simple. Wear sleek
silhouettes in neutral or understated colors. Think of your statement
piece as the focal point and your clothing as the frame. It’s there to
serve as the background and to highlight your fabulous jewels. Also,
stick to solid colors or very subtle prints. A dramatic print, even in
neutral tones can look too busy with a bold piece of jewelry. After
all, you wouldn’t want your frame to detract from the artwork. These filigree leaf earrings
from Urban Outfitters could easily be the star of any outfit. By the
way, stores like Urban Outfitters and H&M can be excellent places
to pick up some fun jewelry at great prices – it’s so cheap that you
can wear a piece only once or twice and not feel guilty.

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