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December 13, 2006 • Fashion


Dear Bean,

I used to wear skin tone fishnets to avoid ever having to wear
pantyhose again in my life, but are they out of style? If I have to
succumb to wearing regular hose, what are some styles that I can look
for that are more comfortable and won’t run the first time I wear them?
So with all of the tights and stockings out there, what type would work
best when you want to wear something very neutral?

Stocking Quandry

Dear Quandry,

Ode to the hatred of pantyhose! The feeling of trying to
squeeze yourself into a barely-there piece of fabric like a sausage
casing without ripping right through is never a highlight in the
routine of donning these leg coverings. Yet most of us can’t avoid
skirts and dresses altogether so we succumb to the hose and just deal
with the sagging fabric or the squeezing control top making a seated
position nearly impossible.

Lucky for you, fishnets are far from out of style. In fact,
I’ve seen them around more and more over the past few seasons. Fishnets
are definitely a good substitute to the classic hose. Read More & Where To Buy

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