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December 21, 2006 • Fashion


By Lauren Dimet for Suite101

did sexiness go? Layering was all the rage on the Fall ’06 fashion
runways. Marc Jacobs piled on layers of plaid flannel, oversized knits,
leg warmers and giant wool coats. Daryl K, Max Azria and Sari Gueron
all showed dresses over pants. Chloe even showed Bermuda shorts over
pants! However, life is not a runway. There’s a trick to keeping your
look slim and polished. Most of us would look foolish (and huge) with
so many layers. Before you toss all your clothes on your back at once,
consider these styling tips;

Balance: The key to layering properly is balance.
If you layer on top, keep it simple and streamlined on the bottom. Try
your skinny or straight-legged jeans tucked into your knee-high boots.
Conversely, if you are thinking about donning a skirt with leggings,
keep your top half fitted. Another trick is to make sure that you avoid
bulk, just have one chunky layer and there should be movement around
the body.

Color: Try to keep the colors in the same family or
stick with one monochromatic theme. True trend-setters will love
playing with layers of knits in a palette of related colors such as
shades of grey or brown. Throw in a few interesting textures such as
tweed or lace to add a touch of luxe. If you play with various lusters
in one color you will be a pro in no time. For instance; try a black
silk dress, with knit black tights (they may have a pattern), and a
pewter/silver cardigan. Then add pewter leather ballet flats.

Fabrics: Go for lightweight fabrics and lean
silhouettes such as cigarette pants, a pair of second-skin jeans or a
pair of leggings worn with a slim or softly pleated skirt. On top,
layer a sweater or two over a blouse, then toss on a jacket or cape for
a splash of show-stopping style. When in doubt remove a layer.
Especially on the bottom half you want to keep it to two layers (skirt
over leggings, dress over skinny pants). The brightest color or pattern
should be the outermost layer like a jacket or scarf. The trick is to
make sure layers are fluid and not clingy. Vary the fabrics. For
instance head-to-toe cotton will be reminiscent of "Fast Times at
Ridgemont High."

The Big Toe Approach: To experiment with layering,
start off with a base layer, which should be a slim, elongated,
featherweight knitted top. Or if you are looking to tread lightly
before jumping into this trend, start with a bright tank under a dark
blouse or dress. Once you are confident with the shock of color, try a
little more the next time.

Accessories & Makeup: The more layers you wear
the more toned-down your makeup and jewelry should be. If you’ve become
layer obsessed, let a scarf or a couple of necklaces be your last
layer. Belts are also a major component of the layered look. Think
medium or wide width and toss them over everything…including your

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