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December 22, 2006 • Fashion


By Joanne Molina for Second City Style Magazine

She partied with Bowie and Iggy Pop when she was part of the
original Berlin underground scene, has the ear of some of the most
influential artists of our time, such as Martin Kippenberger, and is
still challenging the premises of form and function: Claudia Skoda

JM: It’s a bit intimidating to speak with the woman
who’s been called the Fashion Queen of Berlin, the Queen of Knits and
one of the world’s top-most avant-garde designers. You’ve changed the
way women and men think about clothing, material and art for over three
generations. You’ve embraced virtually every medium and managed to
capture the spirit of each decade. In an interview with db artmag
you said, “I find this kind of clinging to something old, these retro
ideas to be really awful.” What do you think fashion’s relationship
with the past might be? How do you think your own work has progressed,
evolved, or just changed? What do you think avant-garde means in the
fashion world in 2006?

CS: I think we are living in a time of rapid
change. In fashion we’ve already experienced everything. Recent changes
include many things, but in terms of art and design we are living in a
time of “statements” and this means everything. Even hardcore
taboos no longer exist. I like new techniques… handcrafted and clever
inventions. The industrial world reduces sensitive things to make money
that’s not part of the avant-garde.

JM: As the world knows, you take what could be
called an artistic approach to presenting design. What about the function
of the “brand” in fashion and design? Do you think advertising and
branding effects how a designer chooses to develop her work? Read More

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