Fashionable Traveler: Options Outside the Track Suit

December 22, 2006 • Magazine

Fashionable Traveler: Options Outside the Track Suit

Fashionable Traveler: Options Outside the Track Suit

Fri, 2006-12-22 08:00

Rachel Yeomans

Before a trip, business or pleasure, everyone always frets about what to pack. You ponder, you decide on five pairs of shoes versus the eight you originally wanted to bring, and debate whether to split your clothing into two bags just in case you come back with more items. Or you are the business traveler that wants to get as much wear out of as little as possible, and fit it into the overhead compartment.

In my opinion, the challenge of traveling is not what you bring; it’s about leaving the plane looking as fresh and clean as when you got onto it. And no, you don’t need specific outfits you only wear for travel—you work with what you have and then you find those necessary accessories to get you through the time change.

Harry D. Donahue produced a travelogue that was released in 1940 called Fashion Horizons. Starring Mary Martin, the story surrounds several aspiring Paramount starlets who fly around in modern 1930s airplanes, stopping off at Albuquerque and an Arizona dude ranch, while the narrator muses not so much about the scenery, but about the traveling attire. Pre-World War II was the fashionable time to fly. Unfortunately air travel has turned from the lap of luxury to the track-suit.

If you are looking for inspiration, look to the savvy business traveler. I have found myself sitting next to such experts many a time and always leave the plane envying them and wishing I could be as prepared as they. They walk on to the plane, go to the bathroom with a small bag, come out wearing stretch pants, slip off their shoes and put on an eye mask and crash for the flight. Before landing they wake up, go back to the bathroom, change into their business attire and freshen up with blotting papers and lipstick, and get off the plane looking relaxed and refreshed maybe with a scarf around the hair to flatten flyaways. I on the other hand avoid eye contact when departing a plane and refuse contact until I can get to the hotel and shower. And since it is almost New Year’s, and one is always looking for that unique resolution — I think mine will be that going forward, whether for business or pleasure, I will travel smartly and always in style.

Here was the result of my search for the perfect travel bag.

To wear on the Plane:
Cotton ankle pants (preferably black for multiple uses)
Slip-On Flats
Layered light-weight cotton t-shirt or tank top and jacket
Shoulder bag

For the Business Woman:
Mix & match suit with cotton t-shirt or tank
Black pumps with low thick heel

What to Bring for the Longer Flight:
Stretch pants—I LOVE the Nike stretch pants for total comfort and the streamlined look
Eye mask

What to bring for the fashionable exit:
Scarf for hair taming
Extra Makeup

A track suit is not the only source of comfort — so stretch out in style. Happy travels!

1. Cole Haan Women’s Air Chelsy Mule

2. Portolano Cashmere Silk Pashmina

3. Prada Canvas Flap Tote

4. La Redoute One-Button Jacket & Pants

5. Kenzie Women’s Cobb Pumps

6. Antique Rose Aromessentials™ Herbal Scented Sleep Mask

7. Emilio Pucci Winter Flowers Silk Scarf

8. Nike Therma-FIT Fleece Pants

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