Hip On The Shoulder

December 22, 2006 • Magazine

Hip On The Shoulder

Hip On The Shoulder

Fri, 2006-12-22 09:00

Andra Naylor

I like to call ‘em when I see ‘em. The one shoulder. It’s back. And I’m loving it.

It’s on the runway, draping celebrities on the red carpet and starting to pop up in retail. We all know fashion is cyclical; you only have to look around to notice the myriad of trends that come in and go back out. Skinny leg, wide leg, jumpers, leggings…and now the one shoulder.

I’ve always read that if a fad goes out and comes back in during your life, you should not try it the second time because chances are that you’re too old for it. But here at Second City Style, we like to break rules, and I’m definitely going to break this one.

The one-shoulder is a flattering style for many reasons. For one, we all have a little too much symmetry in our lives, so being off kilter for a night in a fabulous Jenni Kayne could only be good for you.

Two, the one-shoulder has its roots in Roman and Grecian culture. It’s the modern-day toga. In Derek Lam’s draped turquoise dress, you’ll feel beautiful and philosophical.

Three. Chanel Tarzan. Now that’s a piece of fashion advice I never thought would leave my mouth. Try it in Tibi’s zebra print dress, which is wildly fun. www.oliveandbettes.com

Four. A woman’s collarbone and ahem, cleavage, is one of the most feminine parts of a woman. Why not show off your décolletage a la Heidi Klum in a red Michael Kors?

Five. The one shoulder is intrinsically hip. Take MaxMara’s abstract print dress with belt. It’s hip, it’s cool. It relays youthfulness without looking young and is perfectly chic without being pretentious.

Sixth and lastly, the shoulder is a great place for perching, be it a bow, a floral pin or in the case of Giorgio Armani’s Spring ’07 collection, a turtle.


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