Beauty Treatment. FDA Approves a New Injectable Wrinkle Treatment That Costs Less Than Restylane. Second City Style Fashion & Beauty Blog

December 27, 2006 • Beauty


Listen up fountain of youth seekers! The Food and Drug Administration has approved an injectable wrinkle treatment
called Radiesse that is supposed to lasts longer than rival treatments in
temporarily correcting smile lines. The agency’s action has sparked competing
claims over whether Radiesse (pronounced Ray-dee-ESS) will prove cheaper and
better over time than established wrinkle fillers like Restylane.

BioForm Medical Inc., is
predicting that Radiesse will ignite the wrinkle-filler market with mainstream
Americans who can’t afford Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp.’s Restylane, the
dominant player. BioForm says that Radiesse lasts a year or more, twice as long
as Restylane.


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