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December 29, 2006 • Fashion


By Julie Ghatan for Second City Style Magazine

Having trouble finding the perfect pince-nez, monocles or
lorgnettes? Do you daydream about baby blue Buddy Holly glasses? Wish
your cat eye frames were less catty? The people at Opera Opera
understand your frustration and have been indulging such desires since

The London-based company will reproduce any vintage frame — or any
frame for that matter — in any color or size. The frames you send for
copying are closely matched for color and you can even choose the
coating—shiny or matte. Whether you’re into to vintage or not, one thing is for sure: spectacle wearers want unique frames.
Ours is a generation of personalization; we customize everything from
our ringtones to our coffee (McDonald’s new coffee campaign really is
“customize your coffee”), so why should we settle for non-custom
glasses? After all, they’re a better representation of our
personalities than a 30-second polyphonic ringtone can ever hope to be.
At Opera Opera, each piece is handcrafted and unique. Though the frames
in their standard stock are based on designs of the 1930s though 1980s,
the store also makes avant-garde surrealist frames upon request.
Nothing is out of the question with these frame makers.

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