Celebrity Style: Charlotte Gainsbourg

January 1, 2007 • Magazine

Celebrity Style: Charlotte Gainsbourg

Celebrity Style: Charlotte Gainsbourg

Mon, 2007-01-01 05:00

Ann John

Waiflike with wispy, dark hair and carefree bangs covering a mostly make-up free visage, Charlotte Gainsbourg is that unobtrusive fashion icon whose style doesn’t follow up with an eponymous clothing line or affected declarations of allegiance to Chanel and Marni. The epitome of effortless elegance, this French bred gamine forgoes overt sexuality and over-exposed cleavage for a laid back look that is nonetheless perfectly at ease with sharp, well tailored pieces.

Gainsbourg, a musician and actress, boasts a rather impressive parentage in the form of fellow French composer Serge Gainsbourg and the iconic Jane Berkin (yes, she of the equally iconic Berkin bag). She began her career early, when in 1984 at the tender age of twelve she starred as Catherine Denevue’s daughter in Paroles et Musique. That year also marked the beginning of her musical career; she performed a duet with her father on his album Love on the Beat. In 1986, she released her debut album written and produced by her father. She also won a Cesar (a French Oscar) for Most Promising Actress, and since then has garned steady work and won a second Cesar in 1999 for Best Supporting Actress. Stateside, look for her in the critically acclaimed 21 Grams and more recently in this summer’s The Science of Sleep. 2006, in addition, marked her long awaited follow-up album 5:55.

At 31, she is a mother of two with fellow French actor and director Yvan Attal, but with her fresh, youthful face and casual pulled together style, she looks about a decade younger. With pals like Balenciaga’s Nicholas Ghesqueire, Charlotte has keen fashion smarts, wearing high-end trenches and dresses but looking deliciously sprightly and every bit the product of an unconventional, bohemian family. Think of her perhaps as the French version of Sofia Coppola. Yes, she takes sartorial risks, but they never veer too far from her well defined sense of style. And all this is impressive for a woman, who says that she once used to hate being recognized. “I was very shy as a teenager, so I felt uncomfortable as soon as someone recognized me in the street…I was full of complexes.”

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