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January 2, 2007 • Fashion


Sorry I got a very late start today! So, my business partner Carol gave me (among other things) The Shopaholic’s Daily Calendar 2007 for Christmas. Needless to say, I have been anxiously awaiting the beginning of the New Year so I could start peeling away the pages. So expect from time-to-time to read a tidbit that I think is worthy of sharing.

For January 1 the first page of the desk-top calendar instructed me…"Reinvent yourself for the New Year." Now I have to admit, I hate New Year’s resolutions because let’s face it, you break them. It’s just like starting a diet on a Monday…destined for failure. Add that to reinventing yourself (aka, pulling a Madonna) and I am doubly turned-off. Yet, I continued to read even though this calendar was potentially off to a bad start.

Here is what I did like: Go through fashion magazines and pull out the looks you love, NOW. Not the ones you loved last year. What colors do you gravitate towards? What accessories do you find yourself coveting? What styles are you digging? Write them down. The wardrobe you plan for spring should echo the styles you pulled from the magazine. Not bad.

Then they tossed in…clean your closet. Who wants to spend the New Year doing that? What shopaholic worth her title could even fathom that?  I for one. I’m just waiting until next weekend.

– Lauren Dimet

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