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January 4, 2007 • Beauty


By Natayle Henry for Second City Style Fashion Magazine

Traveling is an exciting time for some and a nightmare for others,
but regardless of the reason for an excursion, there is no need to not
travel in style. Regardless of your preferred mode of transportation,
it is assumed that there will be bouts of time spent in a confined
space, but for most your travel will consist of a plane ride. From the
best portable products to how to look good before, during and after the
journey, here’s everything you need to know and have to be your best self even when traveling.

Take your vitamins! Great skin starts from the inside out.
We’ve all heard it before, but taking vitamins and eating healthy foods
will not only make the body healthier but the skin as well. There are
several vitamins in the marketplace; however, there are many that
strictly target the skin. Aloette’s Radiance Skin Care Supplement
is a vitamin and more. By targeting not only the skin, but hair and
nails as well, this pill also gives the body the right amount of
antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to energize the body.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Hydration is important no matter
what, but especially when flying. With the decrease in air pressure, it
is imperative that the body has a sufficient amount of water in order
to curtail the effects of dehydration of the skin. Water like Glaceau’s SmartWater is infused with electrolytes which claims to hydrate the body rapidly. To hydrate skin on the surface, try Evian Mineral Spray Water or La Mer’s The Mist.
Use this prior to applying any moisturizers. For the Evian, allow the
water to absorb into the skin and then dab it of with a cloth; once on
the plane, repeat as needed.

Get plenty of rest or at least look like you did! Your mother
probably always told you to make sure that you got plenty of sleep to
avoid dark circles or puffy eyes. But, unfortunately sometimes sleep is
a luxury and the last time you had eight hours of sleep was when you
were an infant. Fortunately, there are several ways to “fake it.” Read More & Shopping Details

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