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January 4, 2007 • Fashion

The fashion & style ‘experts’ at People.com made a list of five  ’06 trends to keep in ’07 and five trends to ditch. While some were spot on, others made us scratch our heads. Let’s take a look shall we?

People_sandra_bullock_2 Sandra Bullock

People.com said: Ditch the hip belt

Second City Style says: The belt wasn’t and isn’t supposed to be slung low on the hip, but up snuggly under the ribcage anyway. Hike this baby up and you have great style!

Peoplegwyneth_paltrow_1 Gweneth Paltrow

People.com said: Keep the cropped ankle boots

Second City Style says: Yes, keep them for now but don’t expect to see them next fall.

People_mischa_barton Mischa Barton’s scary cardigan

People.com said: Ditch the skulls

Second City Style says:  Ditch that sweater for sure, but if you are still loving those skull earrings you had to have last fall…work ’em.

Peoplekate_moss Kate Moss

People.com said: Keep the ballet flats

Second City Style: Agrees. They are comfy, cute and work perfectly with skinny jeans and dresses.

Peoplelindsay_lohan Axl Rose

People.com said: Ditch the headscarf

Second City Style asks: This was in? Where were we? Thank God we slept through that one.

While we are on the subject of LiLo…here is another style to ditch:


This many layers (fur, scarf and boots) in Florida’s 80 degree weather is in a word…misguided and screams FASHION VICTIM.

Eva Longoria

People.com said: keep the ‘retro inspired’ polka dots.

Second City Style says: Yes, keep them because they come back every 4 years! Retro? How about tired and overplayed. Additionally, polka dots are being shown for spring ’07 so this wasn’t really a fall ’06 trend to keep but rather a spring ’03 trend to pull out of storage and recycle.


People.com said: Ditch the knee-socks.

Second City Style says: Duh! Ya think? Unless one is in grade school, knee-socks are just stupid (and ugly). However, we love the dress!


People.com said: Keep the bubble dress in your act.

Second City Style says: This look is getting a little overplayed. Maybe it’s just the dress pictured, but try to stick with one trend in an outfit. Is it the gold that turns us off or maybe the lace or bow? On second thought, ditch this dress.

Peopleanne_hathaway_2 Annie Hall Hathaway

People.com said: Ditch the menswear vest.

Second City Style says: Ditto. We love the menswear inspired look when it comes to pants & shirts (with a feminine cropped jacket), but the vest never worked for us. Especially when your boobs are popping out (see photo).


People.com said: Keep and continue working the loose minidress.

Second City Style says: Keep it if you are tall, slender and have amazing legs, otherwise stick with a more form-fitting dress to show off your assets. Oh, and loose this dress…not so much.

Photos: People.com

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