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January 5, 2007 • Beauty


As we last reported in November Beauty Update , MAC Cosmetics is building its spring color story around an 11
1/2-inch doll…a Barbie doll that is.

a great fantasy to Barbie," observed James Gager, senior vice president
and creative director for MAC Cosmetics Worldwide. It’s a
chance "to revisit women’s fantasies [from their youth] when they
wanted to wear makeup and never could."

So MAC has teamed up with Mattel, manufacturer of
the 48-year-old doll, to create a color cosmetics collection and a $35
MAC Barbie.


"This is intended to be a very sophisticated makeup collection,
designed for adults — not children," said Peter Lichtenthal, general
manager of MAC Cosmetics. He estimated that the age target is women in
their 20s and 30s and underscored the fact that is not a teen line. (Am I the only one that sees the irony?)

The expanse Barbie universe generates
sales of more than $3.5 billion globally, with the
adult-targeted products such as apparel accounting for as much as $100
million of that figure. "The Barbie brand has evolved into a true
lifestyle brand," said Richard Dickson, senior vice president of marketing, media and entertainment, worldwide, for Mattel, who noted that the franchise has even
headed into luxury doors such as Fred Segal, Neiman Marcus and
Nordstrom for apparel, and into more than 30 freestanding stores in
Japan, as well as outposts in Korea and Taiwan, not to mention
marketing deals with iPod and other consumer products giants. "Barbie’s
the perfect client," Dickson joked of being the doll’s "agent." "She’s
very patient, and she never ages!"

The collection will hit MAC counters February 13 and includes bright candy pinks, buttercup yellows and warm

MAC/Barbie Collection:

The collection consists of four shades each of
lipstick and Lipglass, each $14; three Cremestick Pearl Liners, each
$14; six shades of eye shadow, each $13.50; three shades of Liquidfast
Liner, each $16.50; black mascara, $11; two shades of powder blush,
each $17.50; two shades of Glimmershimmer, each $16.50; two shades of
Beauty Powder, each $20; two shades of nail polish, each $10; a $45
makeup brush, and a makeup bag in black with pink stitching and lining,

If you are so inclined, you can look like a big girl too! Like this:


However, don’t be surprised if people stop and stare. I would.

– Lauren Dimet

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