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January 8, 2007 • Celebrity Style

Please, say it’s true! Could 2007 bring the demise of low-brow celebrity fashion? One (like me) can only hope!

That’s the prediction of trendspotter Gerald Celente, editor and publisher of The Trend Journal, who says that
American consumer fascination with what garments Britney Spears wears
(or forgets to wear) or what handbag Paris Hilton totes is ending.

The trendiest luxury and mass market retailers will focus instead on
clothing and Lindsay_lohan_2
accessories that exude "old world elegance," Celente said
in his "Top Trends of 2007" report. Avant-grade retailers will ditch bedraggled and unkempt for "old-school cool," he said.

"Britney is something we watch," said Celente, "even her fan clubs are bailing
out on her. That’s telling us society doesn’t want this stuff anymore.
They’re tired of it." Besides, if you look to Britney for style ideas you have larger problems.

The biggest mistake businesses make is to assume that hype and low quality is what people want, he said.

Celente’s other predictions: The U.S. will slide into a long-term
economic downturn ("systemic recession) and an Internet candidate will emerge to run in the
2008 presidential election. It’s a toss up which is scarier.


Ms. Hilton
Ms. Lohan
Ms. Spears

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