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January 9, 2007 • Beauty


By Lauren Dimet for Second City Style Magazine

Australian born, NYC transplanted Poppy King (aka, The
Lipstick Queen) has been addicted to lipstick since the dawn of her
time. Unable to find the 40’s inspired pigments she craved, she
launched her own line called ‘Poppy’ at the age of 20 out of pure

Poppy was approached in 2002 to move to New York and join . Last year she re-launched her own line under the name Lipstick Queen.

Her lipsticks come in one of two ways. Sinner shades are all pigment with no shimmer or frosting. "It is positively naughty to get lipstick this opaque, rich and creamy with a matte yet silky finish." Saint shades are sheer and moist with just a hint of beautiful color but enough depth to make an impact whether it be a pink nude or a deep blackberry.

Lipstick Queen lipsticks launched at Barneys New York last month and
will be launching by month’s end at Barneys in Chicago. As a woman who won’t get
the mail without lipstick, I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to
interview Poppy. Immediately it felt like we were old friends. Not only
do we share the need to coat our lips, we adore, wait, are obsessed
with handbags.

SCS: If your name was Jane Smith do you think you
would be a lipstick diva? You expect Poppy to have great red lips, but
Jane might wear "nude."
PK: I actually hated the name Poppy when I was little
and insisted everyone call me Debbie. I wanted to fit in. However, the
name definitely affected my psyche. I eventually realized my name is a
statement and just as wearing lipstick is a glamorous statement about
being a woman. Mind you, even now in the 21st century it can still suck
being a woman. Yet, there is a lot to celebrate…lipstick is a
celebration of your own gender.

I adore being female and all the accoutrement…and commitment. I
love handbags and lipstick because they are very girlie, whereas I’m
not into shoes. Something about them is for the pleasure for men.

SCS: So I have sampled both of your lipstick types.
Sinner which is more opaque and Saint which is more sheer. Are you a
sinner or a saint?
PK: I tend towards sinner. I’m a red sinner. Now and
again I’ll mix it up with a saint. I love my Saint Rose color because
it has a hint of antique doll pink.

SCS: I love red lipstick but I admit I am afraid to
wear it other than at night. What’s the biggest mistake women make when
sporting red lips? Read More

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