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January 9, 2007 • Beauty


I admit that I am always seeking the fountain of youth. Heck, I have been wearing eye cream every night since I was 19.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not obsessed, but do enjoy the perks of looking a bit younger than my age. Not to mention I am terrified of needles…so for now Botox in a bottle is just fine, thank you very much.


When I was turned on to Freeze 24▪7®  Anti-Wrinkle Cream, let’s just say I was hooked. Yeah, it costs a little more ($115), but heck…I’m worth it! Besides, used sparingly it lasts a long time.

Skin Glace Daily Detoxifying Cleanser and Mask $65. I just started using this product as well. I love that it doesn’t dry out my skin and keeps it really smooth.

Products available at

– Lauren Dimet

UPDATE: I just received feedback about the Anti-Aging Eye Serum. It works wonderfully, but ‘stay out of the light!’ Black light that is. Apparently the combination of black lighting (clubs or restaurants) and this product makes the eye area glow in the dark. If you have black circles normally, I guess that could be a good thing.


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