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January 9, 2007 • Fashion


Why is it I can not remember to tear the pages off daily? Seriously. It sits on my desk…right next to me. I was just doing a little page ripping catch-up. Thankfully! I would have missed this stellar advice that one learns in Fashion 101. I will share it with you;

Monday, January 8
"Flatter your legs. Skirts that hit the widest part of your calf can (will) make legs look shorter and thicker (dowdy). To solve the problem, hem the skirt to mid-knee. With the top taper of the calf revealed, legs look longer, leaner and shaplier."
-The Lucky Shopping Manual

Hey, we can all use a reminder every now and then. Frumpy legs be gone!


Today, we have a quote (and I love quotes) from Miss Piggy (which made me smile);

"When you are in love with someone, you want to be near him all the time, except when you are out buying things and charging them to him."

Moi? I would never do that!

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