Get It Now. Sparkle and Shine

January 10, 2007 • Fashion


Jaqueline Zenn for Second City Style Magazine

Most women seem to have at least one thing in common with squirrels
– our love of all things sparkly, reflective, and shiny. Prepare to
indulge this love this spring with tons of metallic and satin pieces.
However, despite its obvious shimmer appeal, satin is a notoriously
difficult fabric to wear. In fact, shiny clothing of all sorts has a
strong possibility of being unflattering or just straight up strange
looking, but there are a few tricks to wearing shine that will help you
stand out in a good way. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be relegated
solely to accessories, although that is plenty of fun for both day and

First of all, fit is of utmost importance. Nothing looks worse (or trashier) than clothing that is both too tight and shiny. Too loose is better, but then you run the risk of drowning in your
outfit. If you’re questioning whether or not you can pull off a satin
piece, it’s probably better to just leave it on the rack. For instance,
skintight satin a la Dolce and Gabbana is only wearable if you’re
Carmen Electra (and maybe not even then), but this black satin wrap dress from Diane Furstenberg (at Neiman Marcus) is almost universally complimentary.

Secondly, color and print is very important. Read More

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