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January 18, 2007 • Beauty


Joanne Molina for Second City Style Magazine

We can thank the Mediterranean world for its cultivation of the vine. More than just an ancient source of spirits it was harnessed by lovers of wisdom and pleasure alike to cleanse skin, preserve food and encourage relaxation.
Later, Louis XIV would introduce the healing benefits for the
complexion at Versailles and thus, its association with decadence would
begin. While it can still be found in its more luxurious
manifestations, vine-based skin therapy is finally available to the hoi

Davi Skin Collection
The latest venture from the Mondavi wine empire in California, the Davi
skincare line was born of the same enthusiasm that allowed the family
to acquire Europe’s other vine-based secrets. What’s makes their line
so luxe? Their proprietary microencapsulated anti-aging complex,
Meritage. A blend of grape and fermented wine extracts, green tea,
raspberry, black currant and bilberry extracts, rosemary and olive leaf
extract, its produced using a double fermentation process and preserved
until applied to the skin. Exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman’s.

Check out:
Le Grand Cru face cream for women, 2.0-ounce jar $175
Vine Fresh SPF 30 Lotion for Women, 1.0-ounce pump $48.50

Vinotherapy from ISHI Luxury Gourmet Skin Food
You can’t doubt the country that gave us Sophia Lauren, espresso
machines and Vespas. The Italian-based ISHI Elements Vinotherapy is a
non-alcoholic range of products, created using Chardonnay, Chianti and
Pinot grapes taken from organic grapevines of the Dafla Skincare
Institute, in the lush Tuscan hillsides. Combined with natural active
ingredients extracted from wild strawberries, exotic spices and
aromatic waters. It’s unisex, organic fair trade, suitable for all skin
types and claims to provide visible results after just one treatment.

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