Cute to Sexy in Minutes

January 20, 2007 • Magazine

Cute to Sexy in Minutes

Cute to Sexy in Minutes

Sat, 2007-01-20 13:00

Natayle Henry

Want to be a sultry vixen but look more like a cute little kitten? Sure, who doesn’t? But with drastic, sometimes permanent options, most of us don’t want to take the plunge into the world of extremes. From tattooed eyebrows to expensive hair infusions, becoming one with your inner vixen can prove to be pricey and risky. Yet, with advancements in the beauty world, it is now easier than ever to take your look to the next level without breaking the bank or going to extremes. With these tips, anyone can go from fun and cute to hot and sexy and back to you in minutes!

Extensions aren’t new, but over the years they have undergone exciting improvements. Whether for fullness, length or versatility, clip-in extensions are an easy and affordable way to achieve just about any style. Unlike their semi-permanent counterparts, clip-in extensions take minutes to apply and come out as easily as they were put in. Jessica Simpson and her hairstylist, Ken Paves, have developed an excellent line of clip-in extensions that come in a range of lengths, colors and textures (100% human hair or Kanekalon Vibralite® modacrylic fiber which is the finest quality synthetic hair). One great attribute to this line is that it comes with one multi-level contoured piece which makes it almost fool proof!

For those that want a little bit more of a drastic look (i.e. going from long to short hair, red to black) try a wig. Wigs aren’t just for your grandmother anymore; there are several styles that will fit into any modern girl’s life. You can easily be a short red head one day and a blonde bombshell the next! Wigs can range anywhere from $100 to $600 depending on color, length and texture.

One of the most dramatic, yet simple changes are eyelash extensions. You don’t have to visit your nearest salon or spa to achieve this look with semi-permanents; you can go to your local drugstore and achieve a similar look for the day or night. Sold either separately or as lash strips, the addition of lashes will magnify eyes with a very sexy undertone. The application can be a little tricky (especially with the individual lashes) if you don’t have a steady hand, but the results are phenomenal!

Don’t have a steady hand or the thought of glue close to your eyes weirds you out a little? Try the Talika Lash Extender. This innovative product gives the illusion of long thick lashes without the need to use glue. It applies like mascara so no need to worry. Simply put one coat of mascara on, follow with the Talika Lash Extender, and complete with another coat of mascara. The natural looking fibers stay on until you take your mascara off!

Another key area that can take you from meek to chic, are eyebrows. No brow is created equal, but the sexy arch can be achieved by just about anyone. Have thin brows? Fill them in with eyeshadow in your shade (using a pencil can sometimes come across too harsh) in order to create a more full eyebrow. Thick eyebrows? Either professionally wax or tweeze them to contour your face. Tarte’s Toolbox is an excellent product which comes with just about everything you need to achieve your desired brow shape should you choose to do them yourself. Complete with eyebrow stencils, this kit will enable anyone to reach their brow goal.

And there you have it. Going from mild and meek to great and chic is as simple as 10 minutes in front of the mirror. With these easy additions, you can take it up a notch without spending several hours in a salon or emptying your pockets!

Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves HairD $85-$500 depending on length

ModelCo Lashes $16

Sephora Eyelash Strips $8

Talika Lash Extender $26.50

Tarte Toolbox $32

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