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January 25, 2007 • Beauty


Line & Seal Eyes $6 at Styli-Style

This semi-permanent liner lasts over 18 hours and comes in every color conceivable (30)! It may be used as liner or shadow. For this price, why not try a few?


Slide Shadow Duos $8 at Styli-Style

I don’t which is better, the price or the names of these dynamic duos. Try Darin & Samantha (red & pink), Ron & Nancy (royal blue & light blue) or Luke & Laura (brown & pale blue).


Flat Eye Pencils $7.50 at Styli-Style

This flat pencil allows for both thick and thin lining in one pencil. You will need to purchase the sharpener, but it’s worth it. The colors are amazing. Like Rome (purple), Milano (brown frost) and Casablanca (blue/black).


Remove-It Remover $6 at Styli-Style

Now it’s OK to be a screw up! If you just can’t get it right, this product is for you (me). Now you can fix any shaky mistake and try, try again!

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