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February 2, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Fall '07

Shiny, shiny. Using a sensuous mix of silks, linen, and even the volume of Edwardian ruffles and even a Victorian-inspired bodice-fitting jacket, Alice Ritter dazzles and delights. Whether it’s a subtle black print atop muted copper or a solid wall of champagne, she turns up the shimmer.

Color Palette: Metallic berry, copper and navy blue/black paired together, bright white, champagne and black (lots of black) above and below.

Key Looks: Dark, almost invisible lean legs under matching skirts, none of which venture above the knee. Cropped jackets are added to ankle-length dresses and skirts. Secretary blouses abound with big, silky bows hanging loosley around the neck. White proves extremely versatile: loose, gauzy white dresses contrast with dark tights and white ruffles shout from behind long, fitted jackets and long white shirts extend underneath carefully cropped jackets.

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