1970s Style Icon Diane Keaton

February 3, 2007 • Magazine

1970s Style Icon Diane Keaton

1970s Style Icon Diane Keaton

Sun, 2007-02-04 08:00

Ann John

With a movie out this weekend, Diane Keaton is a certifiable Hollywood legend, with a confidence and straightforward, effusive, and colorful personality evident both onscreen and off. She began her career in theater, but her big break came in 1972 when she co-starred in Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather”. However, the director that probably had the biggest influence in her early career was Woody Allen. The pair made eight movies together, but it was the fourth one released in 1977, “Annie Hall”, that gave Keaton an Academy Award for Best Actress.

The film instantly transformed Keaton into a style icon, and had millions of women buying tailored men’s shirts, suits, and ties to imitate her breezy, laid back androgynous look. And the clothes did in fact come from Keaton’s own closet. What was inimitable however was the wacky and warm charm along with the sprightliness she brought to the role. Of the part, she later said, “Of course I recognized myself in the roles Woody wrote. I mean, in Annie Hall particularly. I was this sort of novice who had lots of feelings but didn’t know how to express herself, and I see that in Annie. I think Woody used a kind of essential quality that he found in me at that time, and I’m glad he did because it worked really well in the movie.”

Keaton tried her hand at a variety of roles in the 70s and 80s, some successes while others floundered. She directed her first film, a documentary entitled “Heaven” in 1987, and continued her directorial track with music videos, after school specials, and TV programs. In recent years, Keaton seems to have found her niche (at least for now) starring in comedies, many with a familial vein.

Her quirky personality certainly translates to her wardrobe choices, some of which have gotten her on critics’ worst-dressed lists. Remember the cream colored, tailored tuxedo she wore to the Oscars during the late 90s? Or a similar one in black a few years after that? But of course her tastes won’t be swayed by the excoriations of magazines. You can often find her dressed in the vein of her Annie Hall character, in male inspired pieces along with a penchant for wacky accessories. Keaton lovingly and nostalgically looks back on her fashion sensibilities, never too put off by an ensemble she might’ve thought twice about wearing. And don’t expect age to dull her unique and fearless style. She still knows how to have fun with her clothes.

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