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February 3, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Fall '07

Theme: In a sparse and somewhat simple season, Atil Kutoglu offers a first glimpse of luxury. The visual weight of velvet, brocade and substantial fabrics accomplish what others attempted with wool and dense knits. Refined, sophisticate with overwhelming aplomb.

Color Palette and Textures: Plum, ivory, champagne, grey, black and teal with understated, cut-out geometric patterns in black and gold. His palette is intensified with velvets, both solid and patterned, subtle brocades that sit atop sheer blouses or adorn jackets, pants and skirts alike. Thick stripes highlight the shimmer in champagne pants.

Key Looks: The understated decadence of Deco is clearer than ever. Hemlines stil gently above the knee on flat-fronted dresses that rely soley on texture, pattern and shimmer for their edge. Jackets are cropped and blouses sit above the waist. Accessories are sparse, an oversized chain, ribbon tied around the waist, simple sapphire bracelet make somewhat random appearances. Hair is shiny and bobbed with bangs or pulled away from the a lightly dusted but glowing face.

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