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February 4, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Fall '07

He’s not a flash in the pan. Really. While others designers relied on the shimmy and shake of the season Wang took what appears to be a calculated risk. Instead, Wang relies on the fluidity of matte fabrics, the density of knitwear, the scholarly disposition of tweed, a fling with animal print and even the soft embrace of the sweater (oh no, we might actually stay warm this season!) to complete his collection.

Color Palette and Textures: While black the canvas, it by no means dominates Wang’s collection. Instead he opts for winter whites that look, well, warm. Cropped capes and jackets with an understated animal print, herringbone or tweed gave dimension to simple black pant ensembles. Some shimmer makes an appearance with a cropped gold jacket but its a cool. pale gold, and doesn’t draw attention to itself like a bold lame. The real beauty arrived with his chocolate dresses that drape like the gown of a goddess. Only a random, but nevertheless powerful saturated hue in blue.

Key Looks: Simple cropped jackets in lighweight fabrics paired with tweed short shorts and skirts. Accessories include textured black berets and black belts, and goldlink chains that draw immediate attention to themselves against dark matte shirts and jackets. Crafted to wear during chilly mornings and afternoons, it’s a collection with key pieces that will actually land up in your closet.

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