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February 4, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Fall '07

Summary: Let me start by saying…I actually want some shoes from Payless. Not just any shoes, but Lela Rose shoes. If they looked great coming down the runway, they should look good on my feet when they become available August 2007. I can’t believe I just said that. Especially since I can only take the smell of that place (rubber) for about 3 minutes before I have to bolt. I digress.

The runway show was very ‘pretty.’ Perfect for the girlie girl in all of us. What can I say, I have been partial to Lela Rose. There were many separates. One of my favorites was the navy moire bomber jacket with a herringbone wool skinny trouser. The colors were rich, there was tons of volume and beautiful floral appliques. Four layer brocade made an appearance in a bow back dress, a skirt and skinny pants. There were a few drop waist dresses which against my better judgment and memories of the 80’s, seem to be making their way back into Fall ’07. All said, it was a very satisfying showing. Wrap it up in a pretty bow. This line will sell.

Color Palette: oatmeal, ivory, marigold, rococo blue, navy, crimson, moss, silver, charcoal, black.

Textures & Details: wool, herringbone tweed, four-layer foil, lace overlay, cashmere, patent leather, canvas, tulle, silk/wool, organza, taffeta bows, wool twill

Key Looks: navy wool bomber jacket, tunics with ruched sleeves, herringbone oversized pin-tucked skirts, stained glass print swing shift dresses, herringbone skinny trousers, panne polka dot tops and dresses, navy cashmere sweater dress  with taffeta ruched cuff, drop waist shifts, four layer foil brocade in tops skirt, pants and dresses, ivory broderie gown with a charcoal and tulle detail.

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73200219 Lela Rose

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    I am looking for the Lela Rose dress on your site. Where can I purchase it? Thanks, Lucy

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