Fashion Week 2007. Erin Fetherston Isn’t Afraid to Use Her Feminine Charm. Second City Style Fashion Blog

February 4, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Fall '07

Last year Erin Fetherston’ s best friend Kirsten Dunst lent her famous face and cinematic charm to Fetherson’s fall show. This year Zooey Deschanel let her porcelain skin, perfect red pout and even vocal musings to an already enviable production. Her collection is a platform for her extreme agility– handling delicate details and fine fabrics with ease and strength to create an innocent yet intelligent sex appeal that doesn’t condescend to her public as "little girl flirtacious" or "seduce me, I’m a starlet." Under caps both knitted and sparkling long shiny hair mirrors mile-long slender white legs, reinforcing her collections’s feminine charm.

Color Palette: White is used with a variety of materials– sheer, lace, heavy brocade and most importantly her legwear (shiny and opaque). Silvery and charcoal greys used with silk and brocade, rich black velvet, and weightless sheer black and white prints hang off shoulders and gave dimension to dresses. Muted beige and even peach make an appearance, adding bits of pastel.

Key Looks: Her message: don’t mess with the success of the dress. The dropwaist dominates the collection in all colors, patterns and materials. Puffed sleeves, no sleeves and long thin sleeves compliment her ode to the dress. Ultra-feminine blouses and brocade jackets also reign. Only two pairs of trousers parachuted down the runway and one jumper that sported above-the-thigh shorts.

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  1. Rachel Zoe adores Erin Fetherston

    I didn’t get to stay for the show (I had to run backstage at Diane von Furstenberg), but I did have a moment to chat with celebrity fashion stylist extraordinaire Rachel Zoe.
    India-Jewel: How would you describe Erin Fetherston’s clothes?
    Rachel Zo…

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