I’m With The Band

February 4, 2007 • Magazine

I'm With The Band

I'm With The Band

Sat, 2007-02-03 14:00

Jacqueline Zenn

Headbands of all shapes and sizes have been showing up in stores lately, and their presence begs the question: how do you wear a headband without appearing overly preppy or even worse, resembling Hilary Clinton during the mid-nineties?

There are a bunch of different styles out there now, and the key is picking the right one for your face, hair, and outfit. Wide, scarf-style bands are very popular, and they are excellent for adding a vivid pop of color to your outfit, as well as brightening up your face (be sure to pick a flattering color or colors). The best thing about this trend is that you can just use an actual scarf, like this Pucci one from Eluxury . Note: oblong or rectangular scarves tend to work best for this — squares usually have too much fabric and therefore end up looking bulky and strange.

You can also try a more neutral band in a shade that’s close to your hair color for a more subtle touch. The Sonia headband by Eugenia Kim (ShopBop) is perfect for brunettes, while this narrow scarf from Banana Republic would be ideal for blondes. This sophisticated look is the way to go if you’re concerned about your headband seeming juvenile or overly trendy.

A narrow headband is another good way to go, particularly if you have short hair (a really wide band or scarf tends to cover too much of the head). These fun polka dot ones from Target are a steal at $6.99 for three — who cares if you only wear them a few times at that price? Of course, the ultimate source for cheap but chic trendy items, Forever 21, has plenty of headbands, all under $10. For example, this metallic bronze band is a fun addition to almost any outfit.

Now let’s cover the “don’tsâ€? of donning a headband. First of all, when you wear headbands or scarves, you don’t have to sweep all of your hair back (this can be way too reminiscent of elementary school). Leave your bangs out, or make a deep side part and choose a skinnier band. Whatever you do, make there is some hair between the headband and your forehead — because your forehead will probably seem huge, and you’ll resemble a throwback to the eighties. Finally, any style with padding or bows should really be left on the rack. The time for those looks has definitely passed.

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