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February 5, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Fall '07

I imagine this is the kind of collection buyers dream of: wearable, sellable and just delighthful to see and I would guess, touch. Kai Milla (also known as Stevie Wonder’s wife) presented a group of solid hits edited for consistency and comprehension. Shine wasn’t used with silk but rather taken to a metallic extreme on tarnished gold lame. While she opted to stay on the darker end of the spectrum Milla resisted the urge to use black as her canvas, choosing the depth and dimension of blackened plums, espressos and even claret.

Color Palette: Ivory, mushroom, moss, espresso, bark, copper, tarnished gold lame, deep claret, blackened plum, charcoal and smoke. She used patent leather on jackets, as well as shoes and consistent with the season used a simple belt to create visual boundaries on her garments. Materials included wool, melange, hand-knit pieces with beautiful draping, heavy (but pretty) chiffon, alpaca herringbone, cashmere, and even some wool and suede. Stripes and one wrap-coat with softly muted squares in earth tones were the only patterns in a sea of solild pieces.

Key Looks: Skinny metallic pants, skirts and dresses in silver and gold are paired with heavy wool jackets or white blouses, keeping the ensemble balanced. Hemlines were varied but always appropriate and elegant, even when they ventured above the knee. The V-neck was dominant with off-center V-necks adding a nice variation. Otherwise, she was wrapped up and ready to go.

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