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February 6, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Fall '07

Taking his color cues from the black and blue chic of Coco Chanel, Thakoon is as strong as ever. Straightforward pieces like oversized coats, shirts and dress were favored over the short and shapely. The forms that did emerge from the CFDA-nominated designer and former Harper’s Bazaar editor showed an honest engagement with his materials, as he allowed them to drape, cling and balloon and sometimes just float.

Colors and Materials: Silk, sequins, and wool were expertly paired. Subtle animal patterns and drop-waists compliment the curves of ballon skirts which aren’t afraid to display their own animalistic urges (see the plumage in the photos).

Key Looks: Sheer fabrics and a couple of well-placed straps make Thakoon’s dresses a bit flirtacious. Otherwise, long sleeves on oversized coats and tunics with loose boat necks took center stage. Cropped trousers that ballooned just a bit at the bottom are secured with neatly hemmed cuffs– a refreshing substitute for the skinny pants most other collections relied upon.

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