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February 6, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Fall '07

Summary: Glamourous, elegant, and utterly wearable. Those aren’t always the first words that come to mind when I think of Marc Jacobs, but they definitely describe his Fall 2007 collection. The clothes had a luxurious Jazz Age feel, but there were plenty of modern touches thrown in. Each look was carefully thought-out with Marc’s trademark attention to detail. 

Color Palette: Charcoal grays, burgundy, mustard yellow, navy, bright red, ivory, beige, slate blue, teal, and black.

Textures and Details: Lots of satin and sparkle, crisp tailoring, bowler hats, menswear details, geometric prints, opera-length leather gloves, intricate, origami-style folds. 

Key Looks: Tailored, menswear-inspired styles, tuxedos, geometric prints, little satin dresses with with opaque tights, sequins used in unexpected ways, colorful bags and gloves, lots of angular, straight and sleek silhouettes, an overall decadent, twenties and thirties feel with a modern twist. 

Overall Impression: It’s the kind of collection that gets even more interesting the longer you look at it.


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    The king of American fashion has done it again. A couple of hours ago, Marc Jacobs unveiled his fall collection at the New York Armory… roughly 25 blocks away from the tents at Bryant Park. Even though it’s BEYOND frigid outside, hundreds of MJ fan…

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