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February 7, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Fall '07

Peter Som’s fall 2006 collection told the story of a sophisticated woman who was modern but not above using (and enjoying) the power of the feminine charm. His spring/summer 2007 collection was a clear continuation of the story– complete with the elaboration of his stunning white dresses, complete with ribbon belts in shiny jewel tones and colors, like sunshine yellow, that were optimistic, highlighted the texture of the given fabric and were sans the narcisissm of "look at me, I’m a bright color."

Som’s fall 2007 collection saw a pleasant continuation of his love affair with the white dress and, of course, his ability to transform shades of grey (and black) into feminine masterpieces. However, I was completely lost when trying to decipher his story. It’s clear that his use of raspberry and fuschia were strong editorial decisions, as was the integration of bottle green among his black folds. But the innocent charm of Som’s adored women is gone and in its place is a driven attempt to capture a woman who perhaps struggles with the darker side of her feminine wiles? Regardless, I miss his more honest and seemingly sincere vision… although I am, admittedly, a bit dazed and confused.

Color Palette: White. orchid (purple), plum, raspberry, fuchia, green petal, bottle green, jade, bittersweet, oyster grey, cloud grey, shale, charcoal, pewter, midnight, beluga & black.

Textures & Details: silk, voile, silk, wool, lame, sateen, chiffon, worsted wool, washed leather, fox, broadtail, jacquard, organza, chantilly lace, organdy, cashmere, duchess satin.

Key Looks: silk and cashmere organdy tuxedo blouse with black sateen skinny pants, black layered chantilly lace gown, white bustier gimlet dress, cloud grey chiffon swirl dress, gunmetal washed leather cropped jacket, deep red lips.

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