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February 8, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Fall '07

Black is the color of sophistication and seduction. It represents mystery and mood. But to make black pretty (not just beautiful or glamourous) can be a difficult task– especially when trying to use pink and purple as complimentary hues. Nevertheless, Angelino and Stephanie Schur managed to tackle the task when they created a posh, pointedly pretty collection for their the recently launched (Spring 2006) label.

Color Palette and Materials: Perfected shades of pink and purple (including an almost a neon hue) and black and white. The only other color was a great neon teal worn on the head Cyndi Lauper-style.

Key Looks: Beautiful sheer dresses with long, flowing skirts. A similar sheer sleeveless blouse billows under cropped short black top and black trousers. Lace epilaulets add dimensions to short but expansive black dresses. Smart looking black skirts and tights showcase the feminine palette. Soft grey wool belted coats and chic wrapped coats came down the runway next to simple black dresses that draw attention with their lacquer shine. Long gloves in black and electric purple added a vibrant but not-too-tacky touch and black and white stripes on a hooded dress gave the collection just a bit of a french twist.

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