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February 8, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Fall '07

I think it was their use of the bowler that that captured Larazo Hernandez and Jack McCollough’s spin on the Jazz Age. Seemingly sitting just about an inch or less over the eyes of stone-faced models, it announced a collection that would, indeed, be straightforward. It also reminded viewers of the job of the model in a time when it seems she is the target of much speculation: her occupation is to display the virtue and vices of garments. And these particular garments are made to be seen. Proenza Schouler’s modern woman has the sophistication and somewhat boyish charm of the flapper girl– she can have either the red lips of the siren or the nude lips of the strong, honest woman found only in the melodramas of paperback novels. Either way, she is dressed to the nines… and tens.

Color Palette and Materials: Royal blue, forest green, winter white, jet black, fur coats, pencil skirts, and prim formfitting dresses. Wool, felt, knits and tons of crystal embroidery with Swarovski diamonds, fur accents and of course, the hats.

Key Looks: Flapper dresses and strong red lips. Luxe coats, including a black wool felt cocoon coat that has already been much-noted. Gorgeous geometic patterns in black and white and the perfect shades of blue, green and even a gorgeous red paired with jet black. Their black beading on white is gorgeous and well-placed fur accents offer intruigue to pieces that might have ended with a typical hem. Expertly executed.

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