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February 9, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Fall '07

This season we’ve seen a bit of everything. We’ve seen 60s mod, gone boldy into the future with Luca Luca, gone back to the future with 80’s-inspired collections and even reminised about the Jazz Age and French modern. But Malo’s collection doesn’t really fit into any period with ease. Instead, Malo chooses to take charcaol and the jet black and work them into a feminine frenzy– culminating with freaked out furs, heavily sculpted geometric sweaters and shiny coats and dresses complimented with long shiny silvery charcoal gloves. Equally sculpted simple black dresses followed oversized cocoon-like wrap sweaters cinched with a simple black patent leather belts and randomly-inserted knit ties. It was mad but not in that loud, obnoxious crazy way. Instead Malo’s modern madness emerges when he digs beyond the surface to find intense form and materiality — and that’s always a bit disturbing.

Color Palette and Materials: Charcoal and soft grey, black and hints of off-white. Wool, patent leather, satin, silk, tweed and the most fabulous geometric squares adoring a chunky knit sweater atop a sheer black patterned blouse. Similar circles on a skirt would follow suit. Fur and featherweight fabric found themselves in an embrace more than once.

Key Looks: Dark and playful. Trenches suggest mystery but their shine makes sure it’s not too serious. Each black dress and grey suit is both wearable and seductive and even the more decadent items were paired with smart trousers for balance and sophistication (not shock).

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