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February 9, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Fall '07

I get the feeling that Kai Kuhne got really angry. With the spring 2007 collection behind her and having dressed the celebrity clientele in tasteful pieces that got great press there was a revolt. Of course like most revolts there were other, smaller revolts happening on the inside. In this case, not only was the collection a revolt against the palatte and style of the season but each piece seemed to be engaged in a most of productive tension. Like the French revolution and the American revolution history would find the selective moments of redemption and importance and my guess is that her viewer will be left to do the same job– go back and edit.

Color Palette and Materials: Where does one begin? Fur, feather, leather, lace and silk. The color palette ran through neon pink, creamy white, claret, lime green, charcoal, camel, black, white silver, electric teal pantsuit jumper with fur muffler.

Key Looks: There were a series of individual lookss but her classically gorgeous pieces include a mid-length caramel fur coat with great angular detail, a beautiful black cropped jacket (also angular) and skirt ensemble with what looks like a sheer leotard or bodysuit underneath. Also of note was a navy satin half-jacket with a super sharp collar.

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