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February 9, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Fall '07

I’ll admit that I absolutely loved this collection in the sense that there nothing on the runway that I wouldn’t wear. It was all very elegant, graceful, and chic – maybe a little too safe, but still beautiful (and the buyers will love it). 

Color Palette: Black, gold, and a variety of warm red, rust, and orange tones made for a remarkably cohesive collection.

Textures and Details: Brocades, intricate beading, and satin made for collection that was heavy on the evening looks.  Big Maltese cross necklaces stole the accessory show (now there’s an example of a statement piece), and beaded boots and platform shoes added grounded all those delicate dresses.  The cutest accessory, however, was the little puppy that was carried down the runway in what looked like his own beaded cape.   

Key Looks: The back was the feature of the day, with many of the gowns highlighting a gorgeous rear view with intricate draping and detailing. Day time looks included a ruby-red satin trench, a sharply tailored black pea-coat styled dress, and a chesnut brown cropped jacket paired with narrow black pants (which were tucked into some fabulous embellished boots) and layered chain belts.  Opera length gloves and delicate jet jewelry was paired with many of the dresses.   

Overall Impression: These feminine, easy to wear pieces will be making their way to a red carpet near you.

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