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February 9, 2007 • New York Fashion Week Fall '07


Summary: Spaniard, Custo Dalmau has legions of fans. However, his is a look you either love or hate. I however, fall somewhere in-between. I get it and more importantly, I appreciate his somewhat frenetic fashions. While I would not wear these clothes from head to toe, there are certainly some pieces I actually really liked and would wear. The collection was called "Graphic and Colour In Progress." Therefore it consisted of classic shapes mixed with the unexpected, full shapes mixed with tight ones, muted tones against bright ones, geographic folds and crease patterns.

The person seated next to me had never seen a Custo Barcelona show and had no clue about the clothes. After the first few looks came out she whispered under her breath "what the hell am I looking at?" I told her to hang tight, you will soon understand. A few minutes later she was saying, "ooh, I like that dress." The idea is to wear one of these items at a time. Now you get it.

Color Palette: I don’t think there was a color in the world that was missing from this collection so I will do my best. Purple, magenta, silver, gold, copper, blue, graphite, green, brown, black, red, charcoal, light gray, denim blue, bronze.

Textures & Details: wool, satin, patent leather, velvet, organza, mohair, chunky knits and oversized accessories.

Key Looks: a strapless black minidress with a pewter line and blue appliques, fur sleeveless coat, a silver plaid trench coat, a silver strapless dress, baggy paper bag belted pants, a half coat (coat on one side and sweater on the other, a cropped lacquered copper motorcycle jacket.


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