How To Fake It

February 11, 2007 • Magazine

How To Fake It

How To Fake It

Sun, 2007-02-11 14:00

Natayle Henry

It’s no secret that women fake it all the time; it’s sometimes necessary to get the job done. Often times the quest for the ultimate in beauty can fall slightly short, but not to despair, exquisiteness is a few steps away. Whether you’re seeking a sleek silhouette, flawless skin or waking up with a flawless glow, faking it will be more satisfying than ever.

The crusade for incandescent skin head-to-toe can seem sometimes inconceivable. The fact of the matter is achieving a glow is much easier than one can envision. With the copious amounts of products proclaiming to deliver tantalizing and superlative results, it can be difficult to find the “real deal.â€? Look no further! Glowing, smooth skin can be achieved by using products that will rid the skin of the dead skin cells and damaged top layers of the skin. A product like Youthful Essence by Susan Lucci, removes the dull skin to reveal a luminous glow from head-to-toe. Another exceptional alternative is Origin’s Modern Friction (both the body and the face formulas) which is comprised of alluring botanicals and natural ingredients which uncovers what lies beneath lackluster skin.

To add to newfound radiance, slather on the Hand and Foot Company’s Liquid Gold. Loved by celebrities like Jada Pinkett Smith and Carmen Electra, this rich oil easily absorbs into the skin without leaving the oily residue that sticks to clothing. Skin not only looks smooth and perfect, but it also leaves the skin soft and supple.

For a similar look for the face, MAC Cosmetics GlimmerShimmer or Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion, is a must. Both add a radiant glow without looking as if glitter was sprinkled all over your face. The MAC formula is light, but can also be mixed with foundation or moisturizer to add a lighter glow. The Smashbox formula is infused with ginkgo biloba and Japanese green tea which adds a “vitamin-packed natural glow.�

Using Eyeko’s Moisturizer and Eye Cream in conjunction with the other face shimmers (or by itself) will instantly make eyes (and face) pop. The Eyeko cream can be used as an eye cream or all over the face for an iridescent glow. Infused with Vitamin A to hydrate and revive the appearance of dull skin, this cream protects skin against the radicals of the environment and combats wrinkles, flakiness and pollution.

Searching for the big O? The O-Glow by Smashbox is everything a girl could want to fake the essence of blushing. This innovative clear gel reacts with the personal skin chemistry which turns cheeks the exact color you blush, naturally. With all day lasting power, the O-GLOW is packed full of antioxidants like vitamin C, pomegranate seed oil and marine plankton which add healthy-skin benefits that most blushes don’t.

For those gloss addicts that have been on the quest for the ultimate long lasting gloss or those searching for the ultimate lip stain, search no more. Liptini is one cocktail that no woman can live without. Cleverly named after various liqueurs, the lip stains are available in an array of colors to accentuate your pout. They are great alone or can be topped with one of the toppers like “vodka,� their clear high shine gloss leaving lips soft and irresistible.

Now that your body has the glow of an angel, the body of a goddess would be an added benefit, right? Most haven’t been blessed to have the body of a Victoria Secret runway model, but you can always look like you were. Evolution by Margarita is an absolute in any lingerie arsenal. This convertible bra has built-in sculpted graduated cups which was designed to create a “natural cosmetically enhanced look.â€? It lifts and offers slight separation to give the appearance of a fuller and firmer bust line both in and out of your clothing.

Seeking a beautifully sculpted mid section? Who isn’t? Agent Provocateur’s Diva Waspie will enhance or create sexy curves. With traditional boning and back lacing, the front closing waspie provides control for those trouble areas while still looking effortlessly chic.

Want to look like you never get bed head? Try Satin Wonders satin pillowcases. The satin pillowcase allows you to not only hold your style, but will not damage and pull hair like typical cotton pillowcase. Great for all hair types but especially those that are color-treated, relaxed or brittle. You will look refreshed and as sexy as you did before you went to bed.

So whether you have a hot date or just like to let out your inner siren, don’t be ashamed to fake it!

Youthful Essence by Susan Lucc $39.95

Origin’s Modern Friction $36 (face) $38 (body)

Hand and Foot Company Liquid Gold $57 ” target=”_blank”>

Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion $30

Eyeko Moisturizer and Eye Cream $19

Smashbox O-Glow $26

Liptini $16.50 (stain) $16.50 (topper)

Satin Wonders Pillowcase $20 (standard) or $25 (king)

Agent Provocateur Diva Waspie $180

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