Lauren Dimet Dishes About The Real Deal On The Fashion Week Runway

February 11, 2007 • Magazine

Lauren Dimet Dishes About The Real Deal On The Fashion Week Runway

Lauren Dimet Dishes About The Real Deal On The Fashion Week Runway

Sun, 2007-02-11 19:00

New York Fashion Week 2007

Joanne Molina, Senior Editor

JM: Let’s start at the top. Hands down, what are the 2 complete collections that would make it into your closet?
LD: Oscar de la Renta and Badgely Mischka.

JM: What will fall 2007 look like? What are the top 3 trends?
LD: Only 3? Well, overall there was a ton of gray and black—and I mean every shade of gray. There was also a lot of shine — even in details like patent leather.
1. Body-conscious clothing is back. The layers just didn’t sell (I knew they wouldn’t, they look good on super skinny models but America wasn’t going to buy it).
2. Boxy tops and skinny pants. There is a great sense of proportion that has also returned.
3. Metallics are also back again but they looked best when they were muted – like matted silver and metallic plum.

JM: So how are these trends going to look when they’ve trickled down to H&M and JcPenney?
LD: It’s going to be scary (laughing). I’m afraid. Seriously, I can’t see us all walking around in black. But I also don’t see us walking around in the intense, head-to-toe bold colors that I saw either and the metallic trend could be super frightening.

JM: Who should buyers have scooped up?
LD: Lela Rose and Tracy Reese

JM: What was the biggest mistake this season?
LD: Metallics. Women should not be walking around shining all of the time. Period.

JM: Who had the best accessories?
LD: Well, I was really focused on the clothes but what really struck me was that Badgely Mischka used a lot of their own accessories. Lela Rose’s footwear collection from Payless was also surprisingly good. They had a really great display case where buyers and editors could actually look at the details of the shoes. A pair might end up in my closet too. Chunky, geometric necklaces also made an appearance.

JM: There was a lot of press coverage (WWD and NYTimes) about the socialite and celebrity presence — the pros and cons. What do you thank about the relevance of the socialite and the celebrity at the shows.
LD: I’m was there to see the clothing. I didn’t even notice who was around me most of the time and it was only until later that I was like, oh, I was across from Patti LaBelle or behind Rachel Zoe. I noticed Nicole Richie because she was actually looking good. I was impressed by Anna Wintour and Ilan, the Top Chef winner but I like the weird ones, what can I say? I was impressed when I saw actual designers with their collections — they are the real superstars. I think the socialite thing is a NYC fascination and too much of a celebrity presence takes away from the clothing—and that’s what fashion week is about for editors and buyers—the clothes!

JM: There did seem to be some people who just kept showing up…who did you see over and over?
LD: I saw Michelle Williams everywhere. She must be between gigs. And Howard Stern’s girlfriend Beth Ostravsky. Go figure.

JM: Who had the most “honest� collection? Who really stayed true to his designer disposition?
LD: Michael Kors. He knows who he is and who his clients are and he really think about how to make them look great each season. You can trust him.

JM: What designer put on the best show?
LD: Evisu just rocked the presentation. Their playlist was great: Iggy Pop, The Beatles’ “Shake It Up,â€? “Mr. Postman,â€? “Call Me Al,â€? a remix of “Can’t Explain,â€? and then it ended with James Brown’s “Get on Up.â€? Can’t beat that. Coming in second would have to be Jill Stuart. Her remix of “Talking about my Generationâ€? was great.

JM: Overall, what surprised you the most about fashion week?
LD: Honestly, I was shocked to see who made it under the big tent in Bryant Park. I have no idea how some designers made it. It didn’t seem like some were ready. It is also such a small venue — hardly enough room for the press, who I thought would feel more welcomed — but I guess people could feel that way every year and they are moving to a bigger and perhaps better venue. But there were also SO many shows and many of the people you want to see showing at the same time it’s sheer madness. With over 220 on and off-site it’s nearly impossible to see them all and it’s exhausting. On Friday I had to choose between Patrick Rzepski, Yigal Azrouel and Morphine Generation and on Monday Jeremy Lang, Nanette Lepore, Adept and Aurelio Costerella…you get the idea.

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